The production company Prospect Park has recently unveiled its slate of ten new series that pull from a wide variety of sources including the classics of English literature, Christina Aguilera’s passion project, and yet another Twitter account. One of the shows will be A Midsummer’s Nightmare for Lifetime channel, a horror anthology that puts a macabre spin on Shakespeare’s tales because the guy who wrote Titus Andronicus and Macbeth clearly didn’t understand horror.

Perhaps inspired by that Shakespearean conversation, or maybe just a Successories poster that says “brevity is the soul of wit,” Prospect Park will also produce a sitcom for CBS based on the Twitter account @WeFoughtAbout, which might be good, or atleast better than the last Twitter-inspired sitcom. Who knows? Prospect Park says that We Fought About “revolves around a group of friends who care deeply about each other, but also care deeply about things and being right about those things. And that can make things awkward.”


And among a few other thrillers and dramas, the company announced the dramedy Hearts And Clubs, with executive producer Christina Aguilera “actively involved in the development of the project.” (Way to not phone it in, Xtina!) That show, which was actively pursued by multiple networks (no, really) before landing at ABC Family, focuses on “a group of Las Vegas entertainers as they fall in and out of love in the ultimate city of [s]in.” So Prospect Park is delivering a veritable grab bag of campy goodness, ironic hate-watching, and always the outlying possibility of quality television this coming year. Hopefully there will be a company-wide crossover in which the gang from We Fought About fights about going to a show in Las Vegas before the whole thing is interrupted by zombie versions of Falstaff and Titania, who are also deeply involved in a forbidden love affair.