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Coming soon: Gervais in 3D and the return of Gordon Gekko

So which would you rather see? A 3D-animated feature based on Ricky Gervais’ children’s book series Flanimals? Or Oliver Stone directing a sequel to Wall Street starring Shia LaBeouf? Both? Neither?

According to today’s upcoming movie news, they’re both in the studio pipeline. With his directorial debut The Invention Of Lying (a.k.a. This Side Of The Truth) due out later in the year, Flanimals will presumably capitalize on Gervais’ breakout success in Hollywood after the cult TV triumphs of The Office and Extras. Based on his four-volume series, the film will take place in a world inhabited by 50 creature species “so ugly and misshapen they become cute and endearing.” The self-deprecating Gervais will voice a purple, pudgy, sweaty alien.


As for Stone, the current era of runaway greed and economic turmoil will no doubt give his Wall Street sequel the topicality his films seem to need. Michael Douglas will reprise his iconic role as “greed is good” slickster Gordon Gekko, who has just been released from his prison on insider trading charge and is looking for a sneaky way back into the game. The action will take place two years from today, before the market collapse, and LaBeouf is in talks to play the young Charlie Sheen-type in this scenario. Perhaps Wall Street 2 can accomplish what the first one did by inspiring the next generation of business school douchebags to idolize Gekko and bring the economy to its knees again in another 20 years.

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