Someone check Chris Hardwick’s day planner: Comic-Con International is apparently mulling over the idea of an awards show based on the long-running convention, and it’s going to need a host who can stay smiling through both the lamest Civil War joke and the worst of cosplay-costume-embedded funk. According to Deadline, the company could be partnering up with Lionsgate—its collaborator on the soon-to-be launched Comic-Con HQ streaming service—for a show that leverages the convention’s 46-year-old brand, along with everybody’s love of giving Chris Evans a trophy and seeing him flash a smile with his big, perfect teeth.

Obviously, this hypothetical celebration will cover the usual categories, like Best Lead Actor In A Superhero Film, or its equivalent category, Best Supporting Actress In A Superhero Film. But we’re also excited for all the smaller categories a Comic-Con-based awards show could bring to the table. Best Trailer. Best Non-Apology For All The Whitewashing In The Best Trailer. Best Leak. Best Corporate Hissy Fit In Regards To The Leak. Best Worf Costume. It’s an exciting time to be a fan.