It would be overly cynical to say that a large number of comic books these days exist just so they can be made into movies. It’s not fair to all of the writers, artists, and readers that love the medium to think like that. Besides, it would be like saying that all professional sports teams exist just to win championships, and that’s certainly not true.

That being said, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that comic book publisher Valiant is making a movie based on its Archer & Armstrong series. Valiant paid for the script—which was written by relative newcomer BenDavid Grabinski—and the publisher’s CEO is signed on as a producer, so it’s not like anyone involved didn’t want this to happen. The story of Archer & Armstrong—which was created by Jim Shooter, Barry Windsor-Smithm and Bob Layton in the early ‘90s and rebooted recently by Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry—follows a young boy named Archer who was brainwashed by a religious cult to assassinate a supposedly evil being called Armstrong. The book is called Archer & Armstrong, though, so Archer quickly realizes that Armstrong isn’t actually the literal Devil but simply a harmless immortal drunk.


Fortunately/unfortunately (depending on how tired of comic book movies you are), Archer & Armstrong doesn’t appear to be connected in any way to the other Valiant books currently being made into movies—Shadowman and Bloodshot—so the world seems to have been spared from putting up with another big shared universe thing. For now.