Laughter is the best medicine, but food is the best food, so a battalion of comedians joined together on this, the 25.75th anniversary of “We Are The World” and the seven-month anniversary of the somehow-even-shittier “We Are The World” remake to benefit Haiti, to perform their own rendition of the schlock charity classic. Created by Comedy Death Ray to benefit the Los Angeles Food Bank, the song and video features pretty much every comedian who’s ever had the “alt-comic” label slapped on them—Paul F. Tompkins, Doug Benson, Maria Bamford, Sarah Silverman, Neil Hamburger, and scads more—plus “Weird Al” Yankovic and an Oscar-toting Kurt Russell. It’s great, and definitely worthy of eight minutes of your time (and ideally a few donated dollars).

We Are The World 25.75 from Kurt Russell