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Comedy Central’s “Deez Thrones” focuses on the black women of Westeros who, in this new parody, are less interested in battling the White Walkers than they are in attending “The Black NOT Ethnically Ambiguous People Of The Seven Kingdom’s Meet Up.” The sketch, a clever means of highlighting just how few black people have prominent speaking roles on the show, comes via Obama’s Other Daughters, an all-women, all-black improv group comprised of Maame-Yaa Aforo, Ashley Holston, Shakira Paye, and Yazmin Monet Watkins. Broad City’s Lucia Aniello directed the clip.


Here, the foursome longs for the day where they can throw a “black kiki” and have more than just them show up. When a spot-on Fake Jon starts to go off on the war being something everyone needs to worry about, they call out his white privilege, then skewer the show’s as well. When forced to name prominent black characters, Fake Jon can name only Missandei and Grey Worm (“Y’all just had to name the brown man Worm,” cracks one of the ladies), though he does try to pass off Khal Drogo as “kinda black.”

This straw-grasping really hits the lack of diversity on Game Of Thrones’ pale white head. Speaking of which, Daenerys then pops in to come to the rescue of the “sunkissed” people. The women deny her white savior antics—something that was a major criticism back in the first few seasons—then successfully kill a White Walker, leading them to realize they can be the first Black Walkers. Of course, the people of Winterfell are super racist, so they’d probably be scared of them whether they were undead or not.

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