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Comedy Central's Charlie Sheen roast to make celebration of "Two And A Half Men premiere day" even bigger

Illustration for article titled Comedy Centrals Charlie Sheen roast to make celebration of iTwo And A Half Men/i premiere day even bigger

Never one to let the focus shift too far away from his own shining visage for too long, Charlie Sheen has either gone along with Comedy Central’s plans to make a roast featuring him or forced the channel to make one, utilizing strange wisdom he learned among the shamans or whatever it is he’s saying about himself now. (Honestly, we haven’t been paying attention since March.) What’s more interesting about the roast, announced via press release by the network today, is that though it’s being filmed on Sat., Sept. 10, the network will air it Mon., Sept. 19, which is, in a coincidence we’re sure just sort of happened, the same night that Two And A Half Men debuts its ninth season, its first without Sheen and its first with super-enthusiastic team player Ashton Kutcher (who’s so eager to be on everybody’s good side that he recently Tweeted about the upcoming shutdown of a major Los Angeles freeway at the request of the city’s police department). Showing some mercy (or perhaps reflecting the fact that this story blew over months ago and Sheen isn’t the draw he once was), the roast has been scheduled for 10 p.m. Eastern, a full half-hour after what will inevitably be the most watched Two And A Half Men ever ends, meaning you can spend the evening basking in Two And A Half Men-related products. Hooray for capitalism!


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