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Comedy Central to roast Flavor Flav

They started out tearing venerated comedians a new one, but when that got a little too inside-baseball, the Friars Club turned its attention to walking punchlines like Pamela Anderson and William Shatner. Still, we've never seen creative laziness on this scale: According to this announcement on allhiphop.com, this summer Comedy Central will roast rapper/reality star Flavor Flav. While the prospect of rappers and borscht belt comics together at last is titillating (we hear Chuck D already has Bruce Vilanch on speed dial), it seems like this pretty much writes itself. In fact, let's go ahead and predict the number of times we'll hear the following:

- "ho" (or variant "hos"): 1,025

- "crack": 350

- play on title of "911 Is A Joke" (perhaps with substitution of "career" for "911"): 1, depending on if Artie Lange was too drunk to hear Jimmy Kimmel say it the first time around.

- "shit on the floor": 20

- "Lisa Lampanelli/Andy Dick shit on the floor": 15

- "Professor Griff": 0

- "Yeah, boyeeee" comically juxtaposed against someone who's really, really white (i.e. Bea Arthur, Betty White): off the charts


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