Over the next two years you’ll be getting a face full of Archer, while an even wider audience will be prompted to respond, “PHRASING” to a sentence like that. Deadline reports that Comedy Central has picked up the rights to syndicated reruns of FX’s animated hit, which it plans to add to its schedule beginning around May 2015—an off-network deal similar to the network’s repackaging of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, presumably with the same editing for content that applied there. Still, more Archer is more Archer, and for the first two years of the arrangement, Comedy Central’s airings will cover all the time slots pre-midnight, while FX’s sibling network FXX will retain the late-night hours. And of course, that’s in addition to the already-confirmed two new seasons on FX proper that will keep Archer on the air there through at least 2017. That’s a load of Archer, and it’s spreading all over the place.