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Comedy Central to give this Trevor Noah guy a shot with new stand-up special

The Daily Show

It’s probably impossible to overstate how beneficial it can be for an up-and-coming comic to get an hourlong special on Comedy Central, and SplitSider is reporting that the latest person to receive that honor is popular South African comedian Trevor Noah. The special will be titled Lost In Translation, and it’s set to premiere on November 22. SplitSider says Noah covers “major domestic and international events of the past year” in the special, while also “sharing his outlook on the world today, including terrorism, racial tensions in America, and what it was like being African and traveling into the United States during the Ebola crisis.” Noah also happens to be the host of The Daily Show, so this isn’t really as exciting as it would’ve been if he were a nobody, but it’s still pretty exciting. After all, Jon Stewart and Craig Kilborn didn’t get very many standup specials while they were on The Daily Show.

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