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Comedy Central to debut Corporate's 3rd and final season in July

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Some pretty weird nostalgia has come out of being stuck at home, ya know, due to this whole ongoing pandemic situation. Now that we’ve gotten past the basics of missing hugs and friends and buffets, we’ve started to develop nostalgia for unlikely things, like dive bar bathrooms and the concept of “going into the office.” That’s the selling point in Comedy Central’s official press release announcing the third and final season of Corporate, which promises “a return to the comfort and nostalgia of the grim and soul-crushing office life everyone has come to desperately miss during social distancing.” If you’ve been longing for the tedious drone of the office copier or the warm embrace of a cup of mediocre, watered-down break room coffee, Corporate is just what you need.

The third season debuts on July 22 with the first of six new episodes following “Matt, Jake, Grace, and the rest of Hampton DeVille as they face the struggles of content creation, workplace conflicts, business trips, and finally learning to climb the corporate ladder.” Remember workplace conflicts?! SO QUAINT! Series creators and stars Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman, along with co-creator Pat Bishop, released a very appropriate statement regarding the final season:

We know there’s absolutely nothing else going on in the world right now that could possibly need your attention, so we expect you all to tune in.”



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