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Comedy Central sets a date for Jordan Klepper’s Daily Show spin-off

Photo: Rob Kim

Amid a busy slate of announcements that will keep the rest of Comedy Central’s late-night lineup pretty much the same as it is now, including extensions for The Jim Jefferies Show and The President Show (hopefully the latter isn’t some sort of omen), the basic cable network announced today that it’s settled on a name and a premiere date for Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper’s spin-off series. Called The Opposition With Jordan Klepper, the show will take on crazies from both ends of the political spectrum by “satiriz[ing] the hyperbolic, conspiracy-laden noise machine that is the alternative-media landscape on both the right and left,” as Deadline puts it.

When the show was first announced back in April, Comedy Central said it would build on Klepper’s “Daily Show persona.” At today’s TCA presentation, Klepper expanded on that idea, saying he would be playing a conspiracy peddler on the show. “This show is about America in 2017,” he says, a world where “this other side” gets its news from Breitbart and InfoWars. “This is where the bullshit starts, gets tested in its little kitchens,” Klepper adds. So like Stephen Colbert’s Tuck Buckford character, but with a slippery faux-bro charm, then? Speaking of Colbert, The Opposition will air in The Colbert Report’s old time slot of 11:30 p.m. ET following The Daily Show. The show’s tagline: “Not Mainstream. Not Establishment. Not Helping.” The Opposition With Jordan Klepper will premiere on Comedy Central on Monday, September 25.


Also Daily Show-adjacent and announced today: An hour-long special for sketch group Goatface, consisting of Hasan Minhaj, Asif Ali, Fahim Anwar, and Aristotle Athiras; and a weeklong run of Daily Show episodes in Chicago this coming October, appropriately titled “The Daily Show Undesked Chicago 2017: Let’s Do This Before It Gets Too Damn Cold.” You can reserve free tickets to the latter at this link.

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