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Comedy Central’s @midnight is #Ending in two weeks

(Photo: Comedy Central/Ali Goldstein)

Having finally exhausted the nigh-limitless “POINTS!” reserves hidden beneath Comedy Central’s studios, Deadline reports that Chris Hardwick’s internet-themed panel show @midnight is finally coming to an end. (#FourSeasonsAndANewswire)

Having racked up 600 episodes of fast-paced banter, absurd panel challenges, and a seeming infinity of hashtag games, the show will air its final episode on August 4. Comedy Central and Hardwick both expressed their satisfaction with the decision, with Hardwick saying, “I think we accomplished everything we wanted to accomplish. Spiritually it just feels like it ran its course—I’m not sure we had many more hashtag games in us (which may actually be a relief to anyone whose Twitter feed gets overrun every night).”


The show scored two Emmy wins across its time on the air, and—on the pure volume of three guests a night, nightly, for years—probably did more to expose Comedy Central viewers to weird or unconventional comic voices than pretty much anything else on the network. It’s not clear yet what will fill the show’s regular 11:30 p.m. slot; Anthony Atamanuik’s The President Show—which got a sort of stealth pilot when @midnight did a filmed version of Atamanuik and James Adomian’s Trump Vs. Bernie stage showmight take one of the spots, but that’ll still leave four nights a week to fill.

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