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Comedy Central renews Idiotsitter for a second season


According to Deadline, Comedy Central has renewed Idiotsitter for a second season, promising a future of many, many more New Chets. Created by and starring Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse, Idiotsitter began as a Comedy Central webseries in 2014 before getting picked up for a 10-episode television run that aired at the beginning of this year. Newhouse and Bell star as Billie and Gene, respectively, two women with very little in common other than a love for movies and a crippling need to be loved by others. Gene, resident idiot, drunkenly solicits policemen for sex in the series’s pilot, resulting in her house arrest and need for a sitter—a.k.a. court-appointed guardian and GED tutor. Billie arrives, determined to fill that role and nothing more, but the two form an unlikely friendship and also realize they’re both kind of idiots. Season two will take place on a college campus, as Billie and Gene embark on a new adventure.

“We’re so excited to get to do this again,” Bell and Newhouse say in a statement. “It’s literally the most fun we’ve ever had in our lives. Hopefully the new college atmosphere will broaden our minds and teach us how to butt chug.” The 10-episode second season is set to air in 2017. You can catch up on the first—which guest stars Channing Tatum, Randall Park, Chris Klein, and Andrew W.K—on Hulu.


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