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Comedy Central picks up Jon Benjamin Has A Van

Owner of one of entertainment’s most inherently funny baritones, Jon Benjamin is certainly reaping its rewards as of late: Last week he picked up an Emmy nomination for his work on Archer—based solely, we can only assume, on his delivery of the words “Danger zone”—and this week he’s landed a 10-episode deal with Comedy Central for Jon Benjamin Has A Van, a newsmagazine-style sketch show that will find Benjamin trawling the streets in a customized van, looking for “human interest” stories. The show is part of the network’s huge, previously announced slate of original projects in development, and is set to debut in the summer of 2011—not long after Benjamin lends his voice to the lead role in Bob’s Burgers, Fox’s midseason animated comedy about a guy who manages his family’s failing burger business, which will re-team him with Home Movies’ Loren Bouchard. Jon Benjamin Has A Van will also mark the actor’s first on-screen starring role, as he conducts man-on-the-street interviews (both real and scripted), participates in dramatic reenactments, and goes undercover in a premise Benjamin describes as “Borat without the funny accent.” And it’ll probably be a lot like this thing he did for Huffington Post former comedy spin-off site 23/6.

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