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Illustration for article titled Comedy Central orders pilot from a iWorkaholics /iproducer that might star Billy Zane

The proliferation of Workaholics cast and crew continues. Anders Holm just finished up a stint on The Mindy Project, Adam Devine popped up on Community, Pitch Perfect, and a bunch of Sim City commercials, and the whole trio showed up on the Netflix season of Arrested Development. And in addition to ordering a fourth and fifth Workaholics season back in January, Comedy Central has now ordered Checked Out, a pilot from writer and co-executive producer Craig DiGregorio that stars UCB troupe members and Workaholics story editors Sean Clements and Dominic Dierkes (also part of Derrick Comedy). The pilot centers on two cousins who run a poorly managed youth hostel. Instead of going through a traditional pitch process, DiGregorio self-funded a full-length presentation with Clements, Dierkes, and Billy Zane, who is now in discussions to reprise his role in the pilot.


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