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Comedy Central orders new talk show comedy pilot from Reductress and Abby Elliott

Photo: Jeff Kravitz (Getty Images)

If you’ve spent much time in the online comedy sphere, you’ve probably encountered the work of female-focused satire site Reductress, which regularly skewers the vapid content that magazine publishers try to sell to women, offering up headlines like “Woman Quits Job In Order To Hydrate Full-Time,” and “8 Guys On Tinder That Have Been To Machu Picchu But Never To Therapy.

Now, that same wit and feminist-focused style will potentially be applied to the world of late-night talk, with THR reporting that Comedy Central has tapped the site’s co-creators, Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo, to create a pilot for The Reductress Hour. Starring former Saturday Night Live cast member Abby Elliott—playing an in-character send-up of “women’s media” hosts—the planned series will “take on the absurdities of women’s news, trends, broader national issues and entertainment television” in the style of the Webby-winning site. 


It’s worth noting that Comedy Central’s current line-up of original content skews decidedly male right now—not that it’s ever been great on that particular score—with Trevor Noah and Jordan Klepper anchoring its weekday nights, shows like Tosh.0 and Nathan For You dominating its schedules regularly, and Broad City ending after its upcoming fifth season. The Reductress Hour is presumably, at least in part, an effort to correct that trend—as well as a chance to get jokes like “How To Get Men To Chase You But Not When You’re Jogging At Night” and “How To Make The Most Of The Gap Between When He Interrupted You And When He Remembered What He Was Going To Say” their proper day in the sun.

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