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Comedy Central orders more Drunk History, Key & Peele, and Brickleberry

Illustration for article titled Comedy Centralem /emorders moreem Drunk History/em, emKey  Peele/em, and emBrickleberry/em

Comedy Central has renewed Drunk History, Brickleberry, and Key & Peele.

This will be Key & Peele’s fourth season. The show’s third season is currently airing, and is number one on cable in its timeslot for males 18-34. The show is also extraordinarily popular online, where it’s been streamed about 400 million times—no exaggeration.


Brickleberry will return for its third season in 2014. The Daniel Tosh-produced animated series is alarmingly popular, drawing about 1.6 million viewers a week and beating all other TV shows in its timeslot with the coveted male 18-24 bracket. The cast of the animated show includes Natasha Leggero, Tom Kenny, Jerry Minor, and Futurama’s Dave Herman.

The Drunk History crew apparently got the renewal news a little early, and immediately started filming its new season this past weekend in Austin, Texas. The show averaged about 1.2 million viewers this past summer, with episodes that featured guests like Jack Black, Lisa Bonet, Connie Britton, Winona Ryder, and Kristen Wiig.

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