Shamelessly riding that sweet, sweet @midnight gravy train to success, shiftless layabout Kurt Braunohler has received a pilot order for his own late-night show on Comedy Central. Called Gettin’ Some Strange With Kurt Braunohler, the show will feature Braunohler’s commentary on the weird news of the day— “revealing,” according to Deadline, “just how beautifully insane our world actually is.” Braunohler was the host of the short-lived game show Bunk on IFC, and since then has done absolutely nothing with his life besides shoot his own CC: Studios web series, record a half-hour standup special, voice multiple characters on Bob’s Burgers, star in the upcoming indie comedy B-Roll, host a podcast, a live late-night show, and a variety show, appear on lots of other people’s late-night shows, and waterski from Chicago to New Orleans for charity.