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Comedy Central officially cancels The Sarah Silverman Program

Comedy Central has officially canceled The Sarah Silverman Program, a move that probably comes as no surprise to anyone who tried following the show in its third season. After a threatened walkout by Silverman and her executive producers over budget cuts late last year, the Logo network stepped in and agreed to split the show’s finances in exchange for sharing the broadcast. But halfway through this past season’s 10-episode run, The Sarah Silverman Program was unceremoniously bumped to a midnight slot, spurring rumors that Comedy Central was getting ready to put it down. And of course, those rumors were fueled again and again by increasingly negative interviews with the cast—who had nevertheless mounted a recent, ultimately futile campaign urging fans to show their support—so that by the time the season finale rolled around, today’s official cancellation had become just a formality. But hey, even though her show's over, at least she’s keeping busy: Silverman is currently out promoting her bestselling book The Bedwetter, getting ready to co-star with Sarah Polley in Take This Waltz, and writing cute things about taking a shit on Twitter.


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