As Jon Stewart continues the slow process of ascending into the heavenly rafters of late night TV sainthood, The Daily Show has been pulling out all the stops to celebrate its departing host’s many accomplishments. Most of these have taken the form of various supercuts making fun of him, of course, from his inability to watch guests’ movies to the various times he’s battled death. But now, Comedy Central is going all out, leaving behind fancy editing tricks in favor of a massive deluge of sharp political satire, aggressively tugged collars, and a whole hell of a lot of meetings at Camera 3, announcing today that it will stream all 2,500+ episodes of Stewart’s run on the show in the month leading up to his departure.

Sources are reporting that “Your Month Of Zen” will kick off on June 26 at noon, but the link on the show’s site is already live, currently airing an episode from June, 1999, six months into Stewart’s run. In any case, the marathon is set to run for 42 days, blazing through 16 years of Indecisions and Mess O’ Potamias, concluding with Stewart’s final broadcast on August 6. The last few days of the marathon will be supplemented by a 48-hour “Jon Voyage” special on Comedy Central’s SiriusXM channel, a retrospective special of fan-chosen favorite clips on August 2, and a gnawing, inescapable feeling of the inevitable passage of time.