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Comedy Central greenlights T.J. Miller’s Gorburger Show

(Image: Comedy Central)

After getting a pilot order from HBO in 2015, T.J. Miller’s talk show spoof The Gorburger Show has been picked up for eight episodes by Comedy Central. The show stars Miller as the voice and puppeteer of the title character, a blue space monster who takes over a Japanese variety show and enslaves its staff to he can interview guests and learn more about humanity. This announcement comes from a tongue-in-cheek press release that touts the way the show is bringing “diversity” to late night, which seems like a weird joke to make when Gorburger actually stars a white guy and is coming a few months after the end of Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show, but nobody likes it when you poke holes in their jokes.

The Gorburger character originated on a Funny Or Die series, with guests like Jack Black, Wayne Coyne, and Henry Rollins sitting down with Miller’s alien creature. The Comedy Central incarnation of the show will premiere at some point this spring.


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