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Comedy Central greenlights pilot about that couple everyone hates

SNL's The Whiners

Because just because their freewheeling single days are behind them doesn’t mean they can’t still be insufferable, Comedy Central has given the green light to a pilot called Bad Couple. Created by comedians and real-life couple Flint Wainess and Noël Wells—who we’re sure are perfectly agreeable people and are simply exaggerating their self-perceived flaws for comic effect—Bad Couple is described as a “semi-autobiographical project” co-starring Wells as one half of an “inseparable, highly opinionated couple who constantly clash with modern social mores, making life difficult for friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and themselves.” Kind of like Difficult People if they were dating instead of just friends, or You’re The Worst fast-forwarded a couple of years, or any of the asshole-centric comedy shows currently enjoying a renaissance.

The pilot episode will presumably feature the eponymous couple loudly offering relationship advice to their single friends while smashed on mimosas at brunch, then agreeing that 15 percent is “too much” to tip their waitress because she interrupted their make out session to bring them the check. Wearing matching shirts and posting Facebook statuses about who loves each other more is also an option.


Back in 2013, Wainess and Wells made a video for Cracked warning of the dangers of comedy bullying; you can watch it below.

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