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Comedy Central has issued one of its rare second-season renewals to Brickleberry, the animated show that asks whether it would be funny if various woodland creatures were raped right now by, like, five rape-ity rapes. The series has been doing fairly well in the time slot behind the network's insanely high-rated hit Tosh.0, where its executive producer Daniel Tosh typically ends his show by imploring his vast loyal fanbase of people who enjoy watching people vomit and horses expelling pus from their asses to stick around and see its cartoon equivalent, thus making Brickleberry the second-highest rated series in its time slot among bros aged 18 to 24. (The first: Hot In Cleveland. Or something else, probably.)

In renewing the show for another 13 episodes, which are due to premiere next fall, Comedy Central's Kent Alterman said, "We are happy to continue educating America’s youth about nature, and the national conservation movement"—which is very funny, because Brickleberry is about a bunch of park rangers making dick jokes, and not about conservation at all. Anyway, did you know that Brickleberry is produced by the same company that does Homeland? It's sort of like discovering that Thelonious Monk recorded a rap album about butt-sex. Ha ha! Butt-sex! There's an episode.

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