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Comedy Central finally giving Andy Daly a shot at his own series

In addition to shutting forever our weekly window into Paul Reiser’s midlife crisis, the sudden death of The Paul Reiser Show had the collateral damage of taking work away from Andy Daly—something that no one wants, not even those who wish Paul Reiser would just resign himself to being the male Erma Bombeck and go ahead and get to work on the Retirementhood, Senilityhood, and Deathhood books you know he has planned. But fortunately, someone else recognizes that Daly deserves better.

Unfortunately that someone is Comedy Central, which has a somewhat spotty record with sitcoms so far, but at least the premise sounds promising: Daly will star in the pilot for a U.S. adaptation of the Australian series Review With Myles Barlow, playing a critic whose television show finds him undertaking and then reviewing real-life experiences such as stealing, murder, and paying for sex, then rating them on a scale of zero to five stars, then presumably dealing with viewers who want to know how he can give paying for a prostitute three-and-a-half stars when clearly it deserves four stars, and he is an idiot who should be fired. Anyway, the show is being shepherded by Tosh.0 executive producer Charlie Siskel, with the continued, bafflingly astronomical success of that series suggesting Review has a fairly good chance of actually making it to air. So look, Tosh.0 did something positive today.


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