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Comedy Central encourages Review fans to #FindForrest

With the show’s second season fast approaching, Comedy Central is asking fans to find Review’s Forrest MacNeil, who (supposedly) disappeared off the show’s set last May. While the (fictional) show’s producer, Grant Gunderschmidt, insists “that Forrest’s vanishing is in no way related to the harm and misfortune he sustained during the show’s first season,” viewers might feel differently, following MacNeil’s slow, show-induced breakdown throughout Review’s first season.

Re-viewers are asked to paper their town with “missing” posters, post on social media using the hashtag #FindForrest, and report all sightings to FindForrestMacNeil@gmail.com. There’s also a Find Forrest hotline—(310) 752-8021—for viewers to call, though it appears to pretty much just be a custom answering machine.

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