The nattily dressed Paul F. Tompkins is a stand-up deity, a crucial team member of Mr. Show, and has lent his talents to everything from guest appearances on Community to attempting to dignify the labored zaniness of VH1’s Best Week Ever, so it’s about time someone tried to build a TV show around him—he’s earned it. And though they haven’t had much luck in the sitcom department yet, it’s with cautious optimism that we report Comedy Central is currently developing Tompkins’ Evil Genius, a scripted show that will pair him the with the also-funny Tom Scharpling—WFMU host, former Onion contributor, one-half of Scharpling And Wurster, and writer for shows like Tim And Eric and Monk. Starring Tompkins as “Professor Tiberius Lynch,” it concerns an evil genius whose bid for global domination was a success, but who now has to deal with the irritatingly petty demands that come with the everyday office life of running the world. If any premise was made for Tompkins’ courtly bluster and knack for wearing mustaches, this is it.