Comedy Central has picked up a new animated pilot from Robot Chicken and Moral Orel production company ShadowMachine: a showcase for animated shorts in a variety of formats (CGI, stop-motion, regular old hand-drawn) that is being envisioned as a launching pad for potential future full-length animation shows. (So it’s a bit like MTV’s Liquid Television, only more focused on comedy and with less Aeon Flux-type stuff.) Writer-director Tom Gianas (of Human Giant and Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time) will help oversee the project, which was pitched by Comedy Central head Kent Alterman thusly: “I thought, ‘Yes, let’s do a show where the characters have a lot of energy.’ Then it was explained to me that it would literally be animated, and I thought, ‘even better.’” When Alterman was told that these animated characters would also make jokes, he got himself so worked up that he had to go lie down for a bit.