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Illustration for article titled Comedy Central adds three new comedian-hosted shows that it hasnt already canceled yet

Gambling that its viewers may tune into Comedy Central hoping to see some comedy, the network has just given a green light to three new series built around comedians, who are all no doubt hoping that this next batch will please their bew overlords more than Important Things With Demetri Martin, Jon Benjamin Has A Van, Nick Swardson's Pretend Time et al. But in the meantime it's all rosy optimism for Anthony Jeselnik, who will be rewarded for his breakout Comedy Central Roast performances with a weekly topical show filtered through Jeselnik's "dark and twisted mind," according to a typically hyperbolic press release that sadly does not also warn viewers to buckle up for a wild ride, thus leaving them open to being sued for devastating brain accidents.


Jeselnik will be joined by Delocated co-star and Last Comic Standing/Reality Bites Back contender Amy Schumer and her new single-camera sketch series, plus Ben Hoffman's The Ben Show, which each week finds the comic embarking "on a different life journey, which could include him forming a band, finding religion, auditioning for a reality show or trying out volunteer work." In the press release, programming head Kent Alterman adds, "These three shows have one thing in common, and I dare viewers to watch every single episode to find out what it is." Is it that they're all already in danger of being canceled if they don't immediately pull Tosh.0 numbers? Is that it?

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