Airlines—what’s the deal with them, right? Like all we need is to get somewhere two hours early, only to be told our trip will be two hours late, all so we can sit on the runway for another two hours, and then have our luggage lost? Please. They should call it flying the UNfriendly skies! Heyo! Is this thing on? We know you’re out there! Despite the general horribleness of the preceding sentences, it still pales in comparison to the horrible treatment anyone who travels by plane often has to endure on a semi-regular basis.

Since Twitter is basically an excuse for people to vent about whatever fleeting thought passes through their heads, and since comedians often fly, the Venn diagram of comedians on Twitter and tweets about airline travel difficulties is essentially a single circle. In light of this, Splitsider has compiled 350 tweets about airplanes, air travel, airplane food, and just about any other flight-related subject, all from a broad spectrum of comics and assorted funny people. It’s an encyclopedia of jokes about the industry, and, if nothing else, will hopefully encourage someone to think twice before they send out that next tweet about how awful it is that their plane is completely full, because Dan Harmon already covered that.