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Comedian turns 31, decides to release 31 videos in a single day

Every day, the internet is flooded with new videos that up-and-coming comedians have spent weeks, sometimes months working on. And, frankly, a lot of them aren’t very good. That’s what makes it all the more impressive that—in honor of his 31st birthday this year—comedian and ClickHole contributor Joe Kwaczala uploaded 31 new comedy videos all on the same day, and they are, by and large, extremely funny and well-crafted. (Onion video editor Nick Moore also edited some of the videos.) The project has been dubbed, appropriately enough, “31 For 31.”


According to Vulture, Kwaczala worked with director Danny J. Clark, producer Liz Maupin, and zero budget to produce these videos, which range from 45 seconds to eight minutes in length and cover pretty much every internet sketch format in existence. There’s a documentary-style short about a “scumbag” stand-up comic, a Pittsburgh translation of a scene from Call Me By Your Name, and a scathing parody of HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky to name a few.

Honestly, we’re tempted to just embed all 31 videos in this article, but we’ll attempt to limit ourselves to just a few more. Here’s an absurd parody of the NBC miniseries The Slap that you never knew you needed:

Here’s a very accurate portrayal of every comedian’s interview podcast featuring stand-up Beth Stelling:

And here’s a heartwarming trailer for a movie about an ambitious young man whose greatest dream is to be a world famous murderer:

There are literally dozens more over on Kwaczala’s YouTube page, so feel free to check them out at your leisure. But, if you happen to be a comedian, it’s probably time to get to work on a video or something. You’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

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