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Comedian Sara Schaefer investigates whether you can make a living off false rape claims

Her IFC pilot may have been a non-starter, but comedian and podcaster Sara Schaefer is still getting some good use out of material she recorded for it. Specifically, Schaefer is pointing her Twitter followers in the direction of “Accusations, Inc.,” a satirical segment that investigates whether women are falsely accusing famous men of rape simply as a path to wealth and fame. (The video’s YouTube description calls this idea a “ridiculous notion.”) Some celebrities, including disgraced comedian Bill Cosby, have been saying as much, but is “rape to riches” really a thing? The comedian decided to find out. “Are these women getting unfairly dismissed?” Schaefer asks. “Or are they part of a new crop of savvy entrepreneurs?”

The segment first tackles the issue of whether some rape accusations are mere publicity stunts. Here, two bloggers challenge Schaefer to name one woman who has become famous in this manner. Schaefer can’t do it, so she switches the topic from fame to fortune. If this isn’t a good way of becoming a celebrity, is it a good way to become rich? The comedian also talks to a probably fictional rich woman to determine how many rape accusations she had to make to get where she is today. The answer, unsurprisingly, is zero. And does fake career coach Brian Patacca recommend that people pursue rape accusation as a lucrative line of work? He does not. But, says Schaefer, let’s not forget the real victims here: the celebrities themselves. Poor convicted rapist Mike Tyson was reduced to having his own TV show on Cartoon Network. That pitiable Roman Polanski only has one lousy post-rape Oscar. And Schaefer hasn’t forgotten about the brokenhearted folks who had to stop doing their Cosby impressions at parties. Or what about a woman whose band used to be called Cosby Sweater?


“How many of those CDs do you have?” Schaefer asks.

“I have at least 200,” the musician answers sadly.


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