It’s been 35 years since Walter Hill’s The Warriors trapped its titular Coney Island gang behind enemy lines in the Bronx. So is the time ripe for a remake? Filmmaker Ram Bhat seems to think so. He’s put together a trailer reimagining the cult classic for the age of Michael Bay and Ke$ha. The action shifts cross-coast to 1992 Los Angeles, but the plot remains essentially the same. An all-gang meet-up in The Valley goes awry and leaves the Warriors in hostile territory, hopelessly far from their base in Long Beach. The trailer relies on terse visuals instead of dialog, but the imagery is slick and impressive. There’s enough saturated neon, eye shadow, and blood-spatter that Ryan Gosling would probably feel right at home. Fans of the original can pick out many homages to the 1979 film that Bhat, who’s had experience as a visual effects artist, refreshes digitally. Don't worry, though: The most iconic rival gangs, like the Baseball Furies and the Lizzies, are still here and are still murdering people in their own inimitable styles.