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Come along and ride on our fantastic voyage through 1994 Week

Inspired both by the response to last year’s 1993 Week and the way that chronology works, today we’re kicking off 1994 Week—a look at the cultural landscape in that special time just before grunge became scrunge, when Jim Carrey won the Oscar for Funniest Butt, and TV audiences met a certain group of friends who would be there for each other: Models Inc. Some of these things may or may not be discussed over the next few days, but right now you can already check out our Inventory on some of the pop-culture windows into ’94, a look at how Reality Bites, Clerks, and other “slacker” movies all but ruined a 16-year-old idiot, and a discussion of how a certain other group of Friends changed the sitcom. And that’s just the beginning of an entire week of content, in which we invite you to come along and ride on our fantastic voyage, slide slide slippety-slide, holy shit that was 20 years ago, I’m dead inside. Enjoy!

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