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Comcast and Netflix are playing nice with each other for once

(Image: Netflix)

The semi-symbiotic hatefuck between cable and internet service provider Comcast and cable-killer and internet service demander Netflix has taken a seemingly conciliatory turn. Engadget is reporting that the two companies have signed a deal that would place Netflix’s streaming software directly onto Comcast cable boxes, allowing the company’s customers to veg out on reruns and Daredevil without needing to go through third-party devices or a smart TV.

The streaming service has had a long and fractious history with cable companies. It both directly competes with them via its cord-cutting TV output, and relies entirely on their infrastructure to deliver its content to consumers. Meanwhile, companies like Comcast have been accused of throttling data speeds for the streaming giant, drawing the attention of the FCC. Engadget suggests that this latest deal might be as much about putting a “Hey, we’re all getting along!” face forward for government regulators sniffing out monopolistic business practices as it is about making it easier for Comcast customers to Netflix and chill.


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