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Combining racist and sexist epithets in reference to Rihanna will not endear you to Rihanna

The editor of a Dutch magazine resigned Tuesday after overestimating the comedy potential of combining racist and sexist epithets in reference to Rihanna in a recent issue of Jackie. The article called the pop singer the "ultimate niggabitch," because "she has street cred, she has a ghetto ass and she has a golden throat." In spite of that string of honorable compliments, Rihanna reacted strongly to the article on Twitter, accusing editor Eva Hoeke of "disgracing an entire race" in a lengthy rant that culminated with a hearty (though offered "with all due respect") "FUCK YOU!!!" In a statement announcing her resignation, which came after she tried (and failed) to stamp out the controversy by calling the "niggabitch" reference a joke, Hoeke suggested that the flap might be rooted in a cultural misunderstanding. "The term ‘niggabitch’ came from America and all we did was describing a style of dress," Hoeke wrote. Oh, the Dutch. [via Billboard]


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