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Combine nostalgia with a death wish via this hand-crafted Jumanji set

The moral lesson of the 1990s adventure movie Jumanji is clear: Don’t open up boxes that say Jumanji on them unless you want to be attacked by rhinos, lions, post-Mrs. Doubtfire Robin Williamses, and giant spiders that will give any kids watching horrible nightmares for years and years afterward. The movie couldn't make this more clear—open that stupid lovely wooden box, and your life will go as poorly as David Alan Grier’s career.

And yet… It is a very pretty box. Which is why you might not be able to stop yourself from ordering one of these gorgeous recreations of the Jumanji game board by artist Gemma Wright. Crafted from wood and silicone, the set includes magnetic pieces—the better to recreate that “the pieces are magically moving and now Kirsten Dunst is going to get a giant poisonous spike in her throat” feeling.


Wright completed her first board last year, with the process documented in detail on her blog. Now, the boxes are available again for sale by contacting the artist at gsurma@outlook.com.

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