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College kids are getting extremely good at wasting time in class

Screenshot: Twitter

American pop culture would have us believe college is seven years of nothing but hijinks, brewskis, and hook-ups. But in reality, college has a dark side: class. For every hour you get to spend taping sex toys onto a statue of the university’s founder, you will spend many stuck inside a dismal lecture hall, listening to a professor rehash their old arguments with colleagues about the great apes.

It’s no surprise, then, that bored students in the University Of Michigan’s Earth 222 course were caught looking at the following things in class:


“Buying $240 worth of turtlenecks” is probably the most eye-catching entry. Yet it’s equally disturbing to imagine students brazenly watching pornography on their laptops, instead of drawing it themselves in their notebooks, as is tradition. “Photoshopping President Trump onto muppets” and “looking at pictures of sliced bread” are just better uses of your time than learning about oceanography.

One note even seems tangentially related to the subject of the course: “Drawing a tree? A squid?” Shame on the grad student who reported this. Drawing squids poorly is not a crime.

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