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While the world awaits the resurgence of the Creed name in the sport of boxing, it’s always good to take a step back and remember what brought us to now. Especially when it’s a momentous occasion like a simple-minded boxer somehow ending the Cold War with a few, barely logical sentences haphazardly strung together after receiving an incredible beating at the hands of The Siberian Express. College Humor uses ESPN’s 30 For 30 style to examine that time when the hostility between two superpowers was healed and eventually dissipated all thanks to the fight between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago.

The video expertly mirrors the ESPN series of short films, with experts and archival footage setting the stage for the knockout punch that Balboa delivered to the then 62-year-old regime. It’s a brilliant send-up that covers not just the climactic fight, but also the M*A*S*H finale, the miracle on ice, and, of course, wanting to spend more time with the family robot. The fact that it’s done so perfectly, and includes real ESPN personalities and sports figures, helps deliver the killing blow to this testament to a simpler time when the problems of two nations could be easily solved by having monosyllabic cavemen beat on each other for hours.

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