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Colin Trevorrow is working on a Flight Of The Navigator remake, not Star Wars

Illustration for article titled Colin Trevorrow is working on aem Flight Of The Navigator /emremake, not emStar Wars/em

Variety has confirmed that the Safety Not Guaranteed team of Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly has been hired to rewrite Disney's long-developing remake of Flight Of The Navigator, the 1986 sci-fi film that argues that child abduction can be fun for everyone, so long as it's committed by a Beach Boys-loving robot alien who sort of sounds like Pee-wee Herman. Disney has been working out how to sell that premise to a more modern, touchier audience since 2009, and now it's up to Trevorrow and Connolly—whose Sundance favorite also dealt with a time-travel-based premise, albeit not one that involved a 12-year-old boy disappearing for eight years, but it's okay because this funny robot sounds like Pee-wee Herman and likes the Beach Boys.

Anyway, this clears up those recent remarks made by Trevorrow (who counts Navigator as a childhood favorite), wherein he denied working on the new Star Wars by saying he was tackling another property with a much-loved "mythology." It turns out he was, in fact, talking about the fiercely protected "mythology" of Flight Of The Navigator, which—like every mythology—has its roots in Joseph Campbell's monomyth theory of the hero who ventures forth from the common into the supernatural, and it's okay that he was abducted so an alien could experiment on him and that his parents thought he was dead for eight years, because hey, the alien is a loveable goofball.

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