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Colin Quinn to host CNN's first comedy special

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Photo: Cindy Ord (Getty Images for Red State Blue State)

Nothing’s funnier than the news these days, so CNN has decided to embrace that turn by announcing its very first comedy special. This comes from The Wrap, which says the network has ordered Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State, an event based on Quinn’s stand-up show of the same name that addresses “the absurdities, hypocrisies, and calamities on both sides of the political divide”—which sounds like a very CNN-friendly attitude. In a statement, CNN executive Amy Entelis said that the network is “always looking for new ways to engage our viewers by exploring the issues that are most important to them,” which is usually done with weird holographic displays and giant CG maps, but is now being done with a Colin Quinn comedy special that, as Entelis puts it, is “a smart political satire that speaks to what is dividing our country.” We just hope Quinn at least got a chance to point at some big holographic displays and CG maps.


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