Colin Jost, former SNL head writer

If you watched Saturday Night Live last weekend when Tracy Morgan hosted, and if you are one of those insufferable completists who pays close attention to the end credits—like the folks at Splitsider—you might have noticed that Colin Jost is no longer listed as head writer. The current “Weekend Update” host was promoted to head writer during season 38 in 2012-2013 alongside Seth Meyers. But as of the beginning of this season, the only SNL staffers listed as head writers are Bryan Tucker and Rob Klein, who have written for the show since the 2000s and were promoted to head writers during season 39.

Since Jost remains the “Weekend Update” anchor and clearly wasn’t fired, we can either assume that the move is meant to allow him more time to work on “Weekend Update” material, or on film projects like his recent Staten Island Summer, or that it’s a punishment for stealing Lorne Michaels’ Ferrari and joyriding down the West Side Highway screaming, “Weee! I’m Colin Jost, and this is my Ferrari!” Or at least those are the kinds of high jinks that we at The A.V. Club imagine when thinking about other, more famous writers.