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Last night, during Monday night Raw, viewers got a glimpse of what we can only assume is the beginning of the WWE/SNL shared universe. During a pre-taped backstage moment, “Weekend Update” hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che inexplicably took part in a sketch that ended with Jost being lifted off the ground and choked by the lumbering heavyweight Braun Strowman.

All in all, it’s a pretty good bit, in which Jost plays the intimidated wrestling skeptic to Strowman’s grunting enforcer. It should also appeal to any SNL fans who grow weary of Jost’s smarmy, know-it-all humor, and have often fantasized about wrapping his smug mug in a headlock. The staged altercation ends with Strowman saying, “I’ll see you guys at Wrestlemania,” as the pair have apparently been recruited as “guest correspondents” at the April event. They’d be wise to bring along a friend, like, say, Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy, as backup.


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