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You would think that being the son of America’s dad Tom Hanks would equate to hitting the parental jackpot. In theory, Colin Hanks should be chomping at the bit to pay tribute to the most beloved man in entertainment on Father’s Day (though getting a decent gift for him each year must be its own special hell). Instead, Colin Hanks took the opportunity to pay the warmest respects to his dream dad, Michael Keaton.

Hanks paid homage to Keaton - specifically the Gung Ho iteration of said legend circa 1986 - in a very heartfelt Instagram post:


Happy Fathers Day, to all the dads out there but specifically to my dad,” Hanks wrote. “He’s a good man and always lead by example. Like that time he rallied the guys to try and make that 15,000 cars per month quota to impress the big wigs at Assan Motors. He lead by example and gave his all. Of course, they didn’t make the quota but it was the effort that counts! Way to go Dad!”

This is apparently an ongoing tradition stemming from 2016, when Hanks posted an image of Keaton from Night Shift. The following year he actually did wish his real father a very loving “Happy Father’s Day” while using a shot of Keaton from 1983's Mr. Mom. Given the trajectory, can we expect Hanks to extend his kindest wishes to Beetlejuice next year? More importantly, when the hell is Keaton going to finally acknowledge his very faithful son?!

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