Colin Hanks, professional actor and American royalty, has been cast in a new single-camera sitcom pilot for CBS. Hanks will be starring in Life In Pieces, a new comedy about “one family, as told through the separate stories of its different family members,” from Aaron Kaplan and Better Off Ted producer Justin Adler. Hanks will play Greg, the family’s youngest, most coddled son, who will presumably be acting charmingly baffled and overwhelmed at the prospect of his upcoming transition into fatherhood.

Hanks has a long history of TV work, including roles on Dexter and cop comedy The Good Guys, as well as an Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated performance last year on Fargo. But that show is following its critically lauded first season with a jump back to 1979, when Hanks was still just a wee tot dodging haphazardly around the giant stacks of typewriters that fill his father Tom Hanks’ home. Which means Colin is free now to pursue other projects, like Life In Pieces, and the ongoing training to one day slay his half-brother Chet and claim his birthright as America’s amiably smiling king.