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Colin Firth starring in movie about drones

Deadline reports that Colin Firth will star in the upcoming Canadian film Eye In The Sky, an action thriller about drone warfare. Firth—well-known for his gun-toting roles such as Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy in BBC’s Pride And Prejudice and the lovelorn author Jamie in Love, Actually—is a natural choice.

Eye In The Sky tells the story of Colonel Michelle Madden, who commands what seems at first to be a standard, remote drone mission in Nairobi. As the mission escalates, American drone pilot Steve Watts is drawn into the story. No word yet on what role Firth will play, though he’s obviously a shoo-in for the ruthless assassin type, especially after his work in The King’s Speech.


Eye In The Sky was written by BAFTA winner Guy Hibbert and is set to begin production in South Africa on August 11.

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