Actor-person Colin Firth is in talks to join actress-person Emma Stone in director person Woody Allen’s latest film, reports Deadline. Like most early-in-the-works, as-yet-unfilmed Allen projects, the movie’s title and plot are under wraps—possibly because the script is suicidal, and since its analyst is a strict Freudian, if it kills and/or reveals itself, it’ll have to pay for the sessions it misses. What is known, maybe, is the film’s locale: The movie will reportedly be shot in the south of France, which means Allen may be looking to replicate the massive, unexpected success of Midnight In Paris. That film found Owen Wilson palling around with reasonable facsimiles of Ernest Hemingway and friends. Whether or not a film featuring a 52-year-old Firth palling around with a 24-year-old Stone will lead to anything other than the usual Woody Allen scenarios involving older men and younger women remains to be seen.

But that’s not all for the perpetually busy director. Allen’s latest completed film, Blue Jasmine—featuring the likes of Louis C.K. and Andrew (!) Dice (!) Clay (!)— is set for a July release in New York and Los Angeles. At this rate, the next time Allen sits down in his director’s chair, he won’t even have to wear the lobster bib.