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Colin Farrell officially joins True Detective

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After jerking everyone around for a few months with little beer can men and talk of a Yellow King, HBO’s True Detective is finally ready to start coming clean about the cast for its upcoming second season. “Someone once told me,” it says in a growly McConaughey-esque drawl, “that casting for season two of True Detective is a flat circle. Every piece of news that has come out or will come out, it’s gonna come out over and over and over again.” And thus, one of the earliest #TrueDetectiveSeason2 casting rumors turns out to have been right all along: Colin Farrell will indeed play one of the leads.


Farrell himself broke the news to Irish newspaper Sunday World, but since The A.V. Club neglected to maintain its subscription to that paper—we should’ve known it would come in handy someday—all we’re able to get is a couple of lines. Thankfully, those lines include a quote from Farrell saying that he’s in season two of True Detective and that he’s “so excited,” which is all we really needed anyway. As far as actual details go, though, Vulture apparently did remember to renew its Sunday World subscription, since it has a little more information about the main mystery that will drive the next season of HBO’s crime anthology series. Namely, that it will all revolve around the murder of a “corrupt city businessman” and the “three police officials from different cities” who have to try and solve it.

We now know one of those police officials will be Colin Farrell, but we still have no idea who the other two will be. Since the Farrell rumor turned out to be right, one of the other leads could be Taylor Kitsch—the guy who played Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights, short-haired Tim Riggins in Battleship, and Tim Riggins in spaaaace in John Carter—but that could just be wishful thinking on the part of everyone who wants him to finally be in something that’s good again. Also, there will be a woman involved somehow, but all we know about that role is that every woman who ever lived is apparently in the running for it.