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Colin Farrell is looking for love—or else—in an exclusive The Lobster mini-trailer

There’s nothing in theaters this week (or any other) quite like The Lobster, the alternately funny and horrifying new movie from Dogtooth director Yorgos Lanthimos. The film envisions a world where people are forced to find romantic companionship under penalty of being transformed into an animal. Most choose dogs, but our hero reasons that a lobster wouldn’t be so bad, as they live really long lives and mate a lot.

The mini-trailer above doesn’t much capture the lunatic black comedy of this dystopian allegory, and whoever covered it forThe New York Review Of Books (“Extremely romantic”) seems intent on ruining a lot of first dates. But the clip does give you a quick taste of the movie’s handsome cinematography and Colin Farrell’s shocking transformation into a paunchy, bespectacled character actor. The Lobster begins its limited theatrical run this Friday, May 13. Look for our full review tomorrow.


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