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Colin Farrell is going to space for a sci-fi Lord Of The Flies

Photo: Ken Ishii (Getty Images for Disney)

According to Deadline, adult man Colin Farrell is going up to space with a bunch of young people for Voyagers, a sci-fi movie that sounds a lot like Lord Of The Flies (maybe Space-Lord Of The Space-Flies?). Voyagers is coming from Divergent and Limitless director Neil Burger, and the Deadline story says it’s about “30 children who are sent on a multi-generationsl mission to populate a new planet,” but the crew “descends into chaos” and divides up into “feral” tribes after their captain is killed “in mysterious circumstances.” In addition to Farrell, the movie will star Tye Sheridan, Lily-Rose Depp, and Fionn Whitehead, with Kelvin Harrison, Chanté Adams, Madison Hu, and Westeros’ favorite creepo little brother Isaac Hempstead Wright all having “advanced discussions” about joining up.

We would assume that Farrell will play the dead captain, but given the “multi-generational” thing, maybe he’ll play a grown-up version of one of the 30 kids? Either way, sucks to your space-assmar.


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